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Medium Shancal Steel Shelving

Specifications :

  • Medium Duty Steel Unit:
  • Height = 200-250-300 cm;
  • Depth or Width = 40-50-60 cm;
  • Length = 97 cm;
  • Loading Capacity:Each shelves will support 300 kgs distributed over the entire shelf
  • The column distance / 6 cm X 3 cm / thickness 1.50 mm
  • The column is closed in the first unity and last unity.
  • The shelves thickness 1.25 mm

The shelve is easy to jaw and installation does not require screws to install The installation process, be on the hooks between the shelve and the column.

Uprights finished in blue enamel and shelves in Cream enamel, Dye spray powder epoxy is resistant to rust and the elements of nature and fire. (We can change to any color according to demand). Price to include all hardware needed for installation and assembly. We can change sizes and colors on request

Make : Turkey & China

Medium Shancal Steel Shelving