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Our Products


At Shelfco Shelves Steel, we have found success in our ability to provide quality products to nearly all sizes of customers.

Making the most of shelving system is a great way to store and organize inventories & supplies in any location from small offices and supermarket to large warehouses. We will customize the shelving sizes according to your needs to maximize your store space more efficiently.

We specialized in a wide range of shelving and related products to suit your needs which include the following below.

Please check our steel shelving and racking products.

  • Heavy Duty Bolt Free & Metal Docking – 1000 -1500 – 2000 KG
  • Medium Duty Bolt Free & Metal Docking – 300 -400 – 500 KG
  • Medium Shancal Duty Unit – Bolt Free – 300 KG
  • Model Dexion Medium – Bolt Type – 300 KG
  • Model Dexion Light – Bolt Type – 50 – 100 KG
  • Display Shelves
  • Chrome Shelves & Stands
  • Multiple Use Stands

Whatever your needs, you’ll find that Shelfco Shelves Steel will solve many of your storage problems. Investing in steel shelving for storage solutions is a smart business move.